Get Organised!

August 30, 2010

Back to school thoughts are on my mind and this weekly planner has been a huge help.

Take a look at


Giant Jam Sandwich

August 30, 2010

Wasps are getting on our nerves and in our way, especially in the kitchen.  Very unfortunately my son discovered a wasps nest in the neighbouring field while picking blackberries, running back into the kitchen very upset with a nasty sting on his eyelid he very proudly announced he had killed the attacking wasp. We’ve been trying to answer questions like ‘why do wasps exist’ and reading one of our favourite bedtime books…The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Ward.

Golden Wedding

August 20, 2010

Special celebrations in our family this year include 50 years of marriage for my parents…wow that is a commendable achievement!  Family and friends gathered to share a happy day of memories, photo albums, familiar faces, fancy cakes, great-grandmothers legendary fruit cake laced with brandy (featured below), bubbly, and more bubbly, tasty nibbles, aunties laughing, uncles chuckling, smiles, toasts and tears, and lots and lots of love!

Congratulations, you are an example to us all!

Summer Wedding

August 14, 2010

The first official wedding at school was made eventful by the torrential downpour…most of August’s rain in half an hour, but nothing would dampen the spirits of the adorable couple…the bride was overheard saying ‘this has been the best day of my life’ and may they have many more happy days of marriage ahead!

Note:  I made the sign from a perfectly sized piece of wood (found object in the shed!) and used easy spray-on gloss paint (leftover from the linen basket I dolled up…more about that later).  Then I printed ‘wedding’ in a curly font, traced it and used acrylic paint to fill in…darling HM drilled the holes for the lovely ribbon I had in my over flowing ribbon drawer.  Et voila, it does the job brilliantly (if i may say so myself!) and all the guests knew where to find the very pretty wedding party…see below.

The natural light in the marquee casts a special colour to all the trimmings and decor for this wedding party.  Their theme colours were navy blue and pink and butterflies were abundant.  The bride made the gorgeous butterfly seating plan, isn’t it sweet?

Les Vacances au Carantec

August 9, 2010

Our visit to Carantec started off a little grey, but the peaceful and beautiful scenery is always refreshing.  Then things got a bit brighter!   Transforming the bay and the children made it to the beach at every opportunity.  Magnifique!

We found this gorgeous villa and stunning view along the path up to the village.  Thursday is market day and it all looked good!

Crêperie Armor

August 4, 2010

Crêperie Armor in Carantec is one of our favourite places to eat and we were first introduced to this fine, friendly place more than 15 years ago.  HM’s brother and his lovely bride-to-be celebrated the evening before their glorious wedding day by hosting a dinner at Crêperie Armor, the perfect setting to meet new family and friends, and enjoy delicious local food and drink.

Traditional cider served in a gorgeous cup is the popular choice at the creperie, but a cold glass of kir was far too tempting!

HM opted for a crepe avec marons topped with rich vanilla ice cream…mine was a delicious chocolate crepe with a generous scoop of the best pistachio ice cream to date (my favourite ice cream flavour and indulgent treat on pretty much each day of our 10 day holiday!).  No photos of my crepe, it didn’t last long and I was too busy eating to pick up the camera!