Fancy Halloween Treats

October 26, 2010

One of my most favourite shops is Fortnum and Mason (actually it doesn’t feel right to call it a shop, probably more appropriate to label Fortnums an English institution) and as I browsed for Christmas ideas I couldn’t help notice their Halloween section.  As you would expect, the Halloween goodies are pretty posh, gorgeously designed and with a good sense of humour behind them.

Now, I’m not so sure where I stand on Halloween.  I’m of a mixed opinion which really is no help (but I’m sure The Headmaster would confirm quite quickly that this is fairly unsual!)   I have wonderful childhood memories…trick or treating in fabulous neighbourhoods where the families had gone to extreme efforts to decorate their homes.  Some spooky but mostly all good fun.  I remember arriving home with two bags full of sweet treats and then as all good parents do…the sweets were checked over and rationed!

Even though these treats from Fortnums are adorable I can do without the horror and spooks at this time of year; we will be celebrating the changing seasons, preparing for the cold winter and enjoying a few extra sweet treats to get us through those cold dark nights!


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