Winter time and washing up…

November 24, 2010

News of snowfall over the country has folks buzzing about the weather…is it really the last few days of gorgeous Autumn colour?

Do we all need to rush out and buy one of these?

Meanwhile, back at the Headmaster’s house there is a disaster…the dishwasher has broken and washing up is my least favourite household chore.  I’m hoping it’s a case of me pressing the wrong button or too many buttons, and when HM gets back this evening all will be fixed or perhaps he can start on the washing up!

(ok, it’s not a real disaster by any means…i promise more meaningful posts are on the way)


2 Responses to “Winter time and washing up…”

  1. Emma Says:

    Ummm … snow forecast !!
    I was convinced we wouldn’t have any snow this winter, as after being caught sledgeless during last years big fall I actually bought sledges in October.
    I thought my early sledge buying would inevitably lead to the mildest winter on record but maybe it will all have been worth it 🙂
    Good Luck with the dishwasher …. funnily enough I quite like washing up … the job I hate the most is emptying the dishwasher.

  2. Tracy Says:

    We are still using your purple one from Tahoe. Lots of snow here, so come over if you need somewhere to use your new sleds. We were on ours this evening!

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