Charter for Compassion

November 11, 2010

Karen Armstrong, author of many books including Through the Narrow Gate (the latest book club read) is the force behind the Charter for Compassion.  Spare a few minutes to watch this short film to learn more.


Visual Editions

November 5, 2010

Great looking stories at Visual Editions…

Check out these cool books brought to you by two clever ladies…

A favourite in our house since my sister introduced us to Raffi and Baby Beluga a few years ago now.  Raffi’s music is the kind parents don’t tire of and the good messages are just that, good and wholesome!  Zoom to mid way of the first film to hear Thanks A Lot which brings tears to my eyes every time!

Autumn Colours

November 4, 2010

The Headmaster took The Artist for an autumn walk and their creative minds made this gorgeous autumn display.  It hangs in the window and is changing each day.  The Artist chose her medium and the order for the different pieces to be displayed…another celebration of the awesome autumn colours on our doorstep.

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November 3, 2010

Having just read Through the Narrow Gate by Karen Armstrong it was a happy coincidence to discover she is the force behind the Charter of Compassion.  I had seen this before on TED, and was immediately impressed.  Hope you are too!

A birthday treat.  My mother, my sister and I are ladies who lunch this week (although I must say this is not the image any of us would like to uphold, we’re all far too busy!).  We will meet up in town to start our Christmas shopping at The Spirit Of Christmas Fair at Olympia and enjoy a glass of bubbly (with our sandwich lunch!) to toast my mother’s birthday.