Fromages and the French Alps

April 15, 2011

Once The Composer’s birthday celebrations were almost over we embarked on our first family ski trip.  It was so much more than we could have wished for…a surprisingly easy journey, stunning views, bright sunshine, just enough snow…oh and great skiing!

I proposed that our trip to France be ‘lent-free’ and the whole family swiftly played a ‘get out of lent free card’ for the week…which for me meant plenty of bread, very tasty french cheese and the occasional glass of vin rouge.  The freshly baked baguettes were irresistible and Reblochon is my new favourite fromage with Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie both close runners up.  The children indulged in countless chocolat chauds and we all dipped into après ski pomme frites.

From the resort we skied over to Italy and the views were stunning…

Back at the Headmaster’s House we are preparing for the busy Summer term, but still with our minds on Easter celebrations and the Royal Wedding…the Artist is designing red, white and blue cake decorations (click here for some inspiration) and of course there will be plenty of bunting!

{Just finished reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and can’t wait to hear your thoughts…I’m guessing May’s book club is going to be quite opinionated!}


3 Responses to “Fromages and the French Alps”

  1. Bod for tea Says:

    Ski trip sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to take DD skiing when she’s a bit older. Was wondering where you were – as you’ll see from my tweets! Glad you had a good time 😀

  2. Jo Says:

    oooh, I wish I was in France now 😉

  3. maddydodo Says:

    That first picture makes me want to grab some cheese and jump on the next plane out of here! My grandfather is swiss so a little part of my heart is always in the mountains…

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