‘She’s so good at playing the violin, she’s practically Asian!’…a line from fiery Gabrielle in an episode of Desperate Housewives where she suffers from competitive mum syndrome!

Tiger Mother was the hot topic at the latest Book Club meeting (I know I say it each time, but it was another great get together with good people).  Parenting is so very personal and once shared with a wide audience can be contentious and critique comes easy…we all have our own style, traditions, beliefs, etc. and any attempt to coerse parents to take on your methods is dangerous ground.  But I don’t think this was essentially Amy Chua’s purpose when she wrote her journal of family life.  I must say I admire her devotion and determination, but can’t help wondering if this came at a price.  Her willingness to share so openly her ‘tiger’ parenting, and as such to invite readers to form an opinion about her family life is awfully brave.

Look out for the next Book Club read…The Help by Kathryn Stockett (already made into a movie due out this summer).

The Artist and I recently had the opportunity to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea live on stage before it runs in London during the summer and I urge you to book tickets now!  The book (first published in 1968) is a firm favourite at the Headmaster’s House and Judith Kerr’s illustrations are delightful.  This article from The Telegraph provides great insight into the life of a most fascinating lady and I can’t wait to see her new books about The Great Granny Gang!


Congratulations to Julia Donaldson, the new children’s laureate!

We had the great pleasure of meeting Julia Donaldson at a recent performance of the Gruffalo when she and her husband Malcolm invited the children to join them on stage to act out some of her brilliant books and songs.  She was absolutely charming and dealt with the somewhat rowdy young crowd with expert grace and patience.  I found it quite emotional when all the parents and children were singing along to a Squash and a Squeeze…I have enjoyed reading aloud from any of the Julia Donaldson books from day one of our family life and am in awe of her generosity when sharing her gift for rhyme and writing.

Julia Donaldson is a hero of literature, aha oho…we are in for a treat as she takes up the role of children’s laureate!