The Food Programme explored the issue of advertising junk food to young children…

‘I went to MacDonalds like i usually do’, said Lauren aged 10.

Am I alone in my dismay at this little girl’s comment?  It really makes me want to pull up the parents and insist they shape up and get tough; learn to resist the temptation of advertising, refuse to succumb to child pressures (often a result of the barrage of advertising), and try your hardest not to allow yourself to be too lazy when it comes to the welfare of your child.

{And, yes I know everyone’s circumstances are different and needs must and all that…believe me I am not claiming to be the provider of all things organic and homemade for my children, but I can happily say they have never stepped foot in a fast-food burger bar.}

Ooh, can you tell this has me all riled up?!

We may well be faced with advertising from every direction (this is one of the main issues at the core of the problem), but I would hope that the basic knowledge of nutrition and the basic desire to care for and nurture our children would override any senseless pressure from the likes of the Ad Men.  No child walks alone into a fast food establishment with money to spend and places their first order for a burger with fries…’responsible’, ‘sensible’, adults take them there by the hand.

This Saturday at the Headmaster’s House (in a spare moment when the rugby highlights were not on) The Composer and The Artist were howling with laughter at  You’ve Been Framed.  Cut to a commercial break and I was a little alarmed by the advertising and even more so by the choice of trailers for other TV shows.  {Now I really am beginning to sound like an old fuddy-duddy with nothing better to do but write and complain to the papers…now there’s an idea!!} But really…showing ‘entertainment’ trailers for shows with a dark theme of murder and downright nastiness during the same time slot as a family focused show just doesn’t fit to me.

The Telegraph featured this letter in the paper on Saturday with a long list of signatures.  If I may I would like to add my name to the list…The Headmaster’s Wife, mother of two offering plenty of goodwill and trying to do her best.

{promise the next Show and Tell will be filled with all things good and cheerful!}