Happy New Year!

January 5, 2014

2014 is off to a good start at The Headmaster’s House.  At least it looks that way with all the shiney new diaries, wall planners and lists I have created.  The Artist and the Composer completed one of these which allowed for a little reflection on the past year.


And myself and The Headmaster completed one of these with our minds firmly focused on what lies ahead for the new year.


This fabulous printable now takes pride of place as a year planner on the study wall.  I added all my important dates before printing and shrunk the size so I can look at the year at a glance, hopefully narrowing down the chances of me missing those important dates and avoiding any nasty surprises or shocks that way! Birthdays and Anniversaries are all in place, term dates marked and everything in between will no doubt fall in to place.  2014…a happy and productive new year!


Oh, and here is a new family tradition we are looking forward to for 2014 (I can’t trace the original website for this one)…we will take time to cherish those good times and take a little more time out of our busy days to note them down before we forget!