Once The Composer’s birthday celebrations were almost over we embarked on our first family ski trip.  It was so much more than we could have wished for…a surprisingly easy journey, stunning views, bright sunshine, just enough snow…oh and great skiing!

I proposed that our trip to France be ‘lent-free’ and the whole family swiftly played a ‘get out of lent free card’ for the week…which for me meant plenty of bread, very tasty french cheese and the occasional glass of vin rouge.  The freshly baked baguettes were irresistible and Reblochon is my new favourite fromage with Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie both close runners up.  The children indulged in countless chocolat chauds and we all dipped into après ski pomme frites.

From the resort we skied over to Italy and the views were stunning…

Back at the Headmaster’s House we are preparing for the busy Summer term, but still with our minds on Easter celebrations and the Royal Wedding…the Artist is designing red, white and blue cake decorations (click here for some inspiration) and of course there will be plenty of bunting!

{Just finished reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and can’t wait to hear your thoughts…I’m guessing May’s book club is going to be quite opinionated!}


…says The Artist at every mealtime these days!  She has a new and very enthusiastic interest in planets, asteroids and meteorites.  I need to refresh my memory and these sites are helping…

Bill Nye is Excecutive Director of The Planetary Society…the American professor has a long biography and his many achievements include bringing science to prime time TV in America with his show Bill Nye The Science Guy.  The site is full of brilliant science info at every level…check out the one page printable experiments under ‘For Kids and Teachers’ here, we had fun with Twisting Tornado and Baseball Moon.

Science With Me believe that positive experiences with science at an early age will build scientific confidence that lasts a lifetime {‘hear, hear’ says The Headmaster!}.  Science With Me is packed with loads of great resources for young children and best of all it offers bite size science for busy parents.

Meanwhile, Google are searching the world for talented young scientists…

The Pattern Pod

January 9, 2011

On a recent visit to London’s Science Museum, The Artist and The Composer both really enjoyed the hands on exhibits…especially the Pattern Pod and the Launch Pad.

We probably only discovered a tiny percentage of what’s on offer at the museum, but what we did see really captured the children’s attention.  Many of the exhibits were rather sophisticated for my two youngsters (and myself if I am being totally honest…it’s really rather embarrassing not being able to explain some of the children’s rather more searching science questions, especially within earshot of other parents!).

Christmas Past

January 4, 2011

I boxed up the last of our decorations this morning.   We have all thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of Christmas at the Headmaster’s House but we are definitely ready for all things new that 2011 may bring…including the all important school holidays!  The ferry tickets are booked and we will head over to France in some months time, having something exciting to look forward to will help keep those January blues at bay.

Whilst packing away the decorations, I was reminded of a Christmas we spent in Brittany with dear friends a few years ago…I had packed a few bits and bobs to make the house feel festive even taking my twinkly star lights along too.  It was a glorious time, beautifully mild weather, good company and all the delightful cuisine France has to offer.  The bay will be filled busy with boats, kayaks and bathers by the time we see it next.

Here are a few things I plan to do for next Christmas!

Les Vacances au Carantec

August 9, 2010

Our visit to Carantec started off a little grey, but the peaceful and beautiful scenery is always refreshing.  Then things got a bit brighter!   Transforming the bay and the children made it to the beach at every opportunity.  Magnifique!

We found this gorgeous villa and stunning view along the path up to the village.  Thursday is market day and it all looked good!

Crêperie Armor

August 4, 2010

Crêperie Armor in Carantec is one of our favourite places to eat and we were first introduced to this fine, friendly place more than 15 years ago.  HM’s brother and his lovely bride-to-be celebrated the evening before their glorious wedding day by hosting a dinner at Crêperie Armor, the perfect setting to meet new family and friends, and enjoy delicious local food and drink.

Traditional cider served in a gorgeous cup is the popular choice at the creperie, but a cold glass of kir was far too tempting!

HM opted for a crepe avec marons topped with rich vanilla ice cream…mine was a delicious chocolate crepe with a generous scoop of the best pistachio ice cream to date (my favourite ice cream flavour and indulgent treat on pretty much each day of our 10 day holiday!).  No photos of my crepe, it didn’t last long and I was too busy eating to pick up the camera!