Winter time and washing up…

November 24, 2010

News of snowfall over the country has folks buzzing about the weather…is it really the last few days of gorgeous Autumn colour?

Do we all need to rush out and buy one of these?

Meanwhile, back at the Headmaster’s house there is a disaster…the dishwasher has broken and washing up is my least favourite household chore.  I’m hoping it’s a case of me pressing the wrong button or too many buttons, and when HM gets back this evening all will be fixed or perhaps he can start on the washing up!

(ok, it’s not a real disaster by any means…i promise more meaningful posts are on the way)


Shoebox Appeal

November 22, 2010

We have been supporting Samaritans Purse and the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal for some years now. It is a brilliantly organised and inspiring charity.

All the children at school are encouraged to take part in this very worthwhile campaign.  Shoeboxes were collected from school this morning by friendly OCC volunteers and loaded up into the van with the help of Year One and Two children.

What I really like about this appeal is that the school children physically take part, firstly at home by putting together a box filled with goodies and then, this morning the children had a chance to meet the volunteers and load up the van. So good for the children to know their efforts are appreciated, and especially good for them to play a practical and key role in getting shoeboxes to children in the Ukraine (that’s where shoeboxes in our district are heading this year).

You can learn more at Operation Christmas Child…a brilliant resource for school groups and clubs.  I can’t fault this initiative and I encourage you to spread the word!

One last thing…

Shoebox World has arrived! It’s the new Operation Christmas Child website, where you create your own gift-filled shoebox online and they then send it out to a child in need.

No shopping trips, wrapping paper or hours of time required – just a personalised gift sent by you to a child at Christmas. Check it out for yourself…Shoebox World

A favourite in our house since my sister introduced us to Raffi and Baby Beluga a few years ago now.  Raffi’s music is the kind parents don’t tire of and the good messages are just that, good and wholesome!  Zoom to mid way of the first film to hear Thanks A Lot which brings tears to my eyes every time!

Harvest Time

September 27, 2010

Harvest Festival begins with generous donations, boxes are ready to be filled at school and the Salvation Army gets our support this year.

I’m looking out for chestnuts, gourds, pumpkins and lots of autumnal shades to make our display bountiful…photos to follow at the end of October.

After School Treat

September 10, 2010

I took some good advice and didn’t rush into a hive of activity once the children had returned to school…opting for chores around the house and a spot of baking.  A sweet after school treat…these buns were very popular and didn’t stick around for long!

Name Tapes and Labels

September 8, 2010

First day back to school tomorrow for my children, and if you are anything like me you will have spent the last few nights labelling the endless amount of kit!

Have a look at to find a huge range of fantastic labels.

Get Organised!

August 30, 2010

Back to school thoughts are on my mind and this weekly planner has been a huge help.

Take a look at