A few things that will definitely feature on my Christmas wish list next time round…

This gorgeous matchbox advent calendar is easy to put together and makes a store bought one look so old hat!

Vacherin Mont D’or.  A Christmas gift to remember…a very thoughtful and very generous friend delivered this gourmet delight to the Headmaster’s House during the holidays.  My goodness this fromage is amazingly tasty, creamy and moreish, especially when warmed in the oven and served with crusty bread. Our foodie friends can expect a cheesy gift next time round!

The Artist and The Composer both spent a lot of time preparing cards for friends and teachers and this year the design was fingerprint snowmen with varying styles of hats and glittery scarves.  Only 12 months thinking time to come up with the next card design!


2 Responses to “Christmas Future”

  1. Tracy Says:

    love the advent calendar, may have to copy that or start smoking to collect the boxes!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I wouldn’t want to encourage you to start a new habit…how about you buy lots of candles instead!

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