Phew!  The holidays are over and my mind is on plans for the Summer Term.  But first a few thoughts on Easter and the Royal Wedding Celebrations.

The Artist and I put together a cake table for our annual Easter Egg Hunt; inviting all our guests to indulge in some sweet treats.  The mini cupcakes were very popular with the children…

and the sugary cinnamon buns were a big hit with the mums and dads, best enjoyed with a cup of coffee I’m told!  {I don’t drink coffee myself, but serve this one which my coffee connoisseur friends tell me is a very good instant!

Two days of back to school were swiftly followed by a family visit to join our Royal Wedding celebrations. The Artist and I decided to be creative (well I was trying to be thrifty) and set out to avoid purchasing from the endless amount of red, white and blue bumf available in the shops. Surely we could find something around at the Headmaster’s House that would make do…but I don’t think these count as decorations!

I did find this fabulous resource and the bunting we made will keep for the Queen’s Jubilee next year.


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