The Composer’s birthday party was loud, I mean LOUD…I am to blame for encouraging bigger and bigger parties as the years go on.  My reasoning being that we live in a unique set up here at school, and as we are lucky to have the space at the Headmaster’s House it is only right to open the doors and welcome all…even if it does mean entertaining 25 over-excited eight year olds!

Pizza Party was the chosen theme, and along with the invaluable help from two lovely mummies the children made and ate their own pizza, played traditional party games and went home tired and happy with a simple party bag and slice of pizza cake.

{Well, yes I know it doesn’t quite look the part but try making pepperoni out of icing and fruit flakes and it almost convinces an eight year old you have created a cake resembling a pizza straight from Napoli!  The wriggly worms cut to look like green and red peppers were referred to as sour slugs!}  But it sure tasted good…with thanks to the Hummingbird Cafe cook book for the fabulously easy and delicious recipe.


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